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Celebrate International Women’s Day with Mary Kay


If anyone knew about enriching and empowering women,  it was Mary Kay Ash! It was her heart's desire that women could make what they were worth according to their skills, drive, and their own individual abilities - not based on gender or status. 

She fought for women's rights - not as a liberal burning her bra, but as a Christian woman in a mentor position – by letting women know and believe that God did not have time to make a nobody – He only made a somebody!

Mary Kay Ash urged her consultants to pretend everyone we meet has a sign around their neck that says "Make me feel important" and when we do - all will work out - both in our lives + in our business.

She was so right! Encouragement is one thing EVERYONE needs - men or women!

It is my heart's desire that this is the type of encouragement + customer service that I am pouring into the lives of the women around me - especially YOU my amazing customers!!

Mary Kay believed that inside every woman was untapped potential, hidden like a rose waiting to bloom. So, to commemorate the impact that Mary Kay Ash has had on the lives of women around the world, the NEW sleek, chic Perfect Palette features the iconic rose symbol. 

So hats off to Mary Kay Ash and to our company who have been celebrating women for over 55 years!!

Have a great weekend friends and be sure to encourage those around you!